Thursday, February 25, 2016

Marriage Rights

I thought it was very interesting that we watched this particular movie on Wednesday. Just a couple of hours before in my Family Relationships class we were discussing cohabitation vs. marriage and the rights that come along with that. So many rights come along with marriage like power of attorney and inheritance rights. Professor Drobeck had even stated that before gay marriage was legalized, many gay and lesbian couples dealt with losing their homes when a spouse died. He told us a story about his neighbor who lost his house when his long time girlfriend passed away. He had paid for part of the house and took care of her during her battle with cancer, however he did not get anything in writing. The movie reminded me of this story but I imagine it was even more difficult years ago especially as a lesbian couple. I can't even imagine losing my spouse and my home in the same week. It makes me sad to think about how often thos might have occurred but I am glad that we now have legal marriage for all people and that this problem will occur much less often.

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