Saturday, February 6, 2016

Miley Cyrus is a great example for sexuality.

On Monday we discussed the progression of Sexuality in history. When we came to today we briefly went over Media & Sexuality. A couple of celebrities were mentioned briefly as being over sexual.
I heard one classmate say "Miley Cyrus" with what sounded like disgust in her mouth.

I was offended. 

I'm a pretty big fan of Miley Cyrus. Not only because I do believe she is a talented vocalist, but also because she is a huge activist for sexuality.

1) She has started a non-profit foundation called Happy Hippie to raise money for homeless and underpriledge lgbtq youth. She is a hugeeee supporter of the LGBT community.

2) She is one of the most charitable celebrities. In November of 2014, she donated half a million dollars for AIDS research.

3) She herself is out as both gender fluid and pansexual.

4) She fights for women's rights and is apart of the free the nipple campaign.

Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But Miley Cyrus is a great example for sexuality in 2016 to me.

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