Friday, February 26, 2016

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In watching the video this week in class, it was really an eye opener to the small things we or I do as a heterosexual. The woman in the hospital who kept asking her where "her husband" was and had a one way thought process was a reminder than our words have to be neutral in today's world because it can be offensive to people even if that's not our intention. The second video showed a lesbian couple, at first one girl struggled with accepting that the gender role of the woman she was attracted to was more masculine, the two fall in love and want children and the process of getting sperm and donors also depicts today's issues in a same sex home. My sister is a lesbian who is the "butch" of her relationship and her wife is the "fem!" However in talking about their future kids my sister gets upset that they are unable to conceive a child that is just theirs. I felt like the movie did an amazing job showing the true struggles of homosexuality compared to others in the reproduction sense and the marital "rights" sense. Same sex marriage is so recently passed that alot of the issues within a same sex home are over looked but they are just as capable in my opinion in raising a child in a loving atmosphere. I would recommend this movie to America.

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