Friday, February 5, 2016

my friend had her baby!

On Monday one of my close friends had her first baby! I went to visit her in the hospital after I got out of work on Tuesday and I asked her questions about what giving birth was like and how it feels to not be pregnant anymore. She was about a week past her due date so the doctor induced labor by giving her some medication. They were supposed to give her the medication in small rounds but after the first round she wound up progressing faster than they thought. She told me a while back that she was planning on having a natural birth so one of the first things I asked her was "Did you get the epidural?" And she was like "Hell yeah I did". Once the contractions started and they told her that it was just the beginning she was immediately like "I don't think I can do this". She said her labor lasted around four hours which I'm not sure if thats short or not, because my mom was in labor with me for nine (yikes). 

She said she threw up on herself once which I have never heard of happening before and I'm interested to know if this is a pretty common thing while giving birth. I also learned that the reason your stomach is still expanded after you give birth is because your uterus has to contract to shrink back down, which as a woman is something I probably should've known but I've never been taught anything about what happens after you give birth. I also learned from the lactation consultant that when you breastfeed it makes your uterus contract which helps your stomach get back to a normal size quicker, which causes cramps while the mom is breastfeeding. I also shared professor Stone's story of breastmilk being able to get some distance and my friend had no idea that could happen either, so she talked to the lactation consultant about it! And I've always wanted to know what it feels like to go from being pregnant to just not anymore, and she said to her it felt like less pressure in her stomach. I mean at least that was the best way she could describe it. I know that we aren't talking about pregnancy or birth yet but since this is something that I experienced this week I decided to write about it! Also here is a picture of her adorable sweet little angel baby. :) 

Also if there are any mom's in the class who want to share their pregnancy/labor experiences please share!