Thursday, February 4, 2016

My reflection from this week

So, on Wednesday, after class, another faculty member stopped by to visit me in my office. It tickled me because that doesn't happen very often, and it was nice to catch up. Usually, I have so much to do, that having a visitor to exchange pleasantries and catch up with is not really something I want, but gosh it's so important. The way I sort of feel about getting to chat with colleagues after having taught three classes in a row is *kind of* like when I've been alone with my boys for a full couple of days and then go visit another mommy friend--"oh good, someone else who can empathize with where I'm at". (No, I'm not comparing my classes to my children or comparing my teaching to my mothering, but rather to positions/titles where two people can relate.) So, here we were chatting about being all old and smart and stuff... :) And I said that I was surprised that no one in the class had seen the movie Kinsey and how disconnected that made me feel from the class' experiences. Sometimes, I genuinely don't know what people don't know. It's so hard to gauge how to meet people where they are when you really have no way of knowing where they are. Okay, I'm rambling, and I have 4 minutes to get to my next class. I thought about saving this blog and working on it later, but then that's not exactly my style. If I were doing this as a student myself to get my 5 points credit, I'd totally feel like this was a sufficient amount of reflection on my part. Okay, so I'm going to pick a date to have an extra credit movie night. Cool. Class is in one minute.

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