Thursday, February 11, 2016

No babies for me!

Class this week was very educational. Never knew about the different options of contraceptions that are offered with out hormones. I learned about the right way of using a condom... never really knew. Can I just say that teaching others how to use a condom is important. Education about condoms use would build a comfortable connection with using them more often!!
It would be nice to see how many people who are uneducated about condoms use on campus. Protection should also be conversation with college kids and younger kids. I love that birth control is now covered under The Affordable Care Act!! Thank Obama for that. It's so important for women to take care of themselves, not only women but men too. We have to take care of ourselves and as you say "understand our bodies". I have always thought it was important to know myself.
Very excited to meet the panel on monday! I love hearing about other individuals and their lives.

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