Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Panel 1

The first Panel that we had was really informational and interesting. I really enjoyed listening to all of their stories and experiences. It must be very intimidating sitting in front of a classroom full of college kids and sharing so much about yourself so I definitely give them a lot of credit for that. Before the panel I didn't really know much about midwife's so hearing Sam talk about that and learning about all that they do was extremely cool. I never thought about giving birth in any other place other than a hospital and it actually made me wonder about other options. It's definitely something I'd be open to learn more about. Alex (I think that was her name) shared a lot of brave stories as well. From getting pregnant in college, to giving birth to twins and then suffering from postpartum depression, she shared so much with us and it was really awesome to be in the audience for that. David being there brought a new perspective to that table, showing things from a father's point of view and that was something that I really enjoyed. All in all, the panel was great and I cannot wait for future panels and getting the opportunity to hear other brave stories.

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