Thursday, February 18, 2016

Panel #1

Getting to be involved in the panel of visitors we had visit to share their experiences was incredible. I had never even heard of a midwife before and most of the terms she was using. Learning about Sam's profession was very intriguing to me since it was all new and because it answered many questions that I had about child-birth. I haven't thought much about the birthing aspect of having children, I always figured it would just the the one painful day that will be over and I won't have to think to much of it. I always planned on just going to a hospital and having a vaginal birth. After hearing how she helps the mothers she works with and let them have the birth they desire.
Now after giving birthing more thought I hope to have a natural birth. I'm still on the fence about an at home birth or birthing center because I think it would be  much better environment for me but if anything were to go wrong during the birth I would be scared the baby couldn't get the help that he/she could at a hospital. I'm leaning mostly towards a birthing center.
With the other two guests it was again, nice to hear their stories, and get to learn from their experiences that it's okay to be scared and worried as long as you talk about it with someone. Overall, I really enjoyed this panel and I can't wait to participate in the ones in the future. I wish everyone good luck on their exam on Monday.

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