Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Panel and Future Planning

My betrothed and I have been talking about having children for about a year now.  It has kid of been our plan to finish school, get married, and then work on the babies.  I have always thought that when that time came, I would just go to the hospital, get the epidural, and pop out a kid.  I am really glad that I got to hear from a midwife about that experience.  I really thought that home births were something that "hippies" did, but little did I know.  The more we go through this course, the more I am learning that I was wrong or really just had no idea about certain things.

I went home that night and talked to my man about some of those things that we have never talked about, like a birth plan.  This probably isn't something to talk about until that time comes, but we are planners like that.  He did not have any preference about where we go, but the stats that the midwife gave are seriously making me think about looking into a midwife when that time comes.

I also liked that there was a dad that came up to talk.  I don't think dad's are heard enough, or talk about it enough.  He was obviously a very proud father.  It was also interesting to hear his perspective about talking to his daughter about sex compared to the two women.  I was a huge fan of Alex's way of just being bluntly/brutally honest about sex.  It is what it is.  I appreciate that.

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