Friday, February 19, 2016

Panel Discussion

     I personally really enjoyed the panel. It took a bit to get the ball rolling, but after a while people really got interested and there were alot of good questions. I feel like most of the questions were directed at the midwive, and not many questions were directed at the father. Which I thought was unfortuanate but I know that her expertise was of interest to many students. I really did learn alot from the panel. I never knew how much a midwive could do. I thought they just helped you throughout the pregnancy but they have medical training and actually deliver the baby. The panel really made me think about if I want to deliver in a hospital, birthing center, or do an at home birth (that is, if I end up having children. I may just buy 50 puppies instead and be a crazy dog lady). It's unfortunate that the other panel member couldnt make it because having an abortion person would've been interesting and I was looking forward to that. I think not having her there kept the panel a little more light and strictly informative. I know that abortion is a hot topic, so some students may have wanted to argue about that, which would have derailed the conversation. Also, if she were there, I'm sure most of the questions would've have been directed to her which wouldn't have given us a diverse set of questions and responses. Overall, I think that the panel was really cool and I'm pretty pumped for the remaining ones. Especially the BDSM/kink one. That should be pretty interesting!

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