Thursday, February 18, 2016


Monday's class was very interesting I enjoyed learning about midwives. I found it interesting how Sam said "labor should not be horrible, it  should be a good experience". With that being said my mother did not have any scary experiences giving birth to my brother, sister, and I. My mom said her labors were a breeze and she did natural births to all 3 of us as well. I did not get to ask my question to Sam if labor pain is correlated with a woman's tolerance to pain? I believe it is correlated, but it would have been nice to have that answered. I am not thinking about children any time soon, but when that time comes I am interested in having a midwife now. Sam had really interesting facts to say about a midwife I think you can trust a midwife more and feel more comfortable.
Alex was very interesting when it came to educating her children about sex. I LOVE how she is so straightforward with her children, and is not awkward if they are curious about anything related to that topic. My parents rarely discuss sex to me till this day, and I'm freaking 21 years old. In the future I advocate to let my children know what they need to know about sex. When it comes to my son being curious of what is in his pants I will tell him it is his penis. I will not sugar coat it at all. As well, as when it comes to the time when my children need to know about sexual intercourse I will answer anything they want to know and help them practice safe sex it is as simple as that. I would not want them to be uneducated and come to the assumption about it being okay to "stick a potato up their vagina to block sperm!" (Still not over that discussion in Wednesday's class haha)
Overall, David was amazing! I can speak for all the women in class that he was adorable. His family is lucky to have a man like him. He was very charming, sweet, and inspirational. I love his career choice on helping men becoming involved in their children's life. It is very necessary to have a man figure in a child's life. He made an excellent point that it is okay to have two mommy's in a child's life; however, that child still needs that man figure and an uncle and grandfather would be good to have around. It is seriously a miracle that David and his wife were still able to bring a child into this world after 3 miscarriages! I admire his spirituality, and how they did not give up on having a child it is truly amazing.

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