Friday, February 5, 2016

Post #2

I think for parents to talk to your children about sex is very important because I feel like some parents are scared for the children to have sex for all the wrong reasons. Parents need to talk to their children and tell them that sometimes people like to have sex for pleasure and that it's not just for reproduction. My parents never talk to me about sex and I feel like they were just scared that I was gonna have a child at a young age and not use protection. Also whenever I learned about sex in class from my teachers in not for my parents I thought it was a very bad thing and I like never ever wanted to have sex in my life. Then when I got older I learned what sex actually was. I've always been safe about it and I get a regular Pap smear every year. This class is really making me realize in the first two weeks about how important talking about sex is not only with parents but also with friends even just to be comfortable talking about it. 

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