Friday, February 19, 2016


Okay I can't be the only who the thought the "potato" story Professor Stone shared in class was insane! That's gotta take the cake for the most uncomfortable form or birth control. I'm just curious as to how there was room for him in there! It reminded me of my friend's aunt sharing with her that when she was young, some guy told her you couldn't get pregnant if you had intercourse in the water....lets just say that method was not effective. So out of curiosity I looked up some other bizarre forms of birth control people have used in the past - these included going outside after sex and peeing where a wolf had previously peed, using Lysol as a douche, making barriers out of alligator poop, drinking blacksmith water, douching with Coca-Cola after sex. This makes me glad we have advanced so much in terms of birth control. I'm glad I don't have to stick alligator poop inside me! 

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  1. If you think that's gross, my friends mother delivers babies for a living. She recently delivered for a woman who had a dead gerbil up her butt. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯