Thursday, February 18, 2016

Protection is key

The panel this week was awesome. I learned a lot of new information about a midwife, a mother who is expecting, and also about a father. Meeting Sam this week has opened my eyes to look more into a home birth. From the beginning I've always been interested in having a water birth, but meeting her has pushing me to gathering more information on the topic. I loved the fact that she was still breast feeding her one year old!! Go Sam!! I'm all about the breast baby. Hah I wish I asked David about his past connection with father, and if that interaction has role in the way he interacts with his daughter. Alex was a beautiful pregnant women, but I'm not quiet sure I could handle twins like her. You rock girl!!
But besides the panel this week, I also got the chance to become more informed about the different birth controls on the market. I can say from experience, that the pill that I'm on right now has work the best for me. The depo shot made me fat, and the nervo ring was uncomfortable for sex.
So yea this week was great. Ready to learn more material. I love sharing it with others.

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