Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sex talk with kids

I have always been the one my friends come to for sex talk. rather its asking which lube to use, or which vibrator works best for *insert anything*. So I naturally believe children should be taught those things. Maybe not, oh this is how you do it, but what the basics are. Like why a woman bleeds and how that changes her body for those 3-7 days. Or why some men have their penis circumcised, and some don't. The mother in this article, is the type of mother I hope I can become. When children learn about something, it makes them less afraid of those things. Most people in our class either don't know what intersex is, or have some fear of a person that is intersex. These things come from lack on knowledge that should be easily fixed! This class makes me want to record every class and put it online, so that everyone can really learn what they need to. Not just how to put a condom on, or what birth control really can do for you.

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