Monday, February 15, 2016

Sorry I'm Late! Blog # 3

I apologize for not doing this blog in a timely manner but i'll still do it since it was my fault it was not completed.  :/  Anyways last week we had finished up talking about the male and female anatomy. To be honest it was my first time going in depth and actually learning about the different parts and functions of said parts. I feel like in the past I have gotten maybe the name but not really what exactly they did.

During the contraceptive power point I'm pretty sure my mouth was gaping open the entire time. I didn't know half those stuff existed. It was quite fascinating to say the least. I feel like much of the public, including myself, are not educated to know that there are contraceptives other than "the pill" and condoms. It was nice to see that there is quite a lot of variety in the types of contraceptives available.

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