Friday, February 5, 2016

Talking to Children About Sex

My step-son just turned 4 and this topic is something I think about often. Just today my son came home from school and told me that him and a little girl in his class pulled their pants down together. This scared me so much! We have talked to him about this subjuct before and even discussed with his LPC about how to address it with him, however he keeps pulling his pants down. This was the first time another child pulled theirs down also, so I plan on talking to his teacher and counselor about it. As far as telling kids that sex is about pleasure, I think it could be a positive thing, but probably not for someone as young as my son. I don't think he would be able to interpret that message correctly yet. That being said, I do want him to grow up understanding sex. His behavior sometimes scares me because if he was ever exposed to a sexual predator this behavior could lead to him being singled out. I know that he needs to have an understanding of sex, privacy, and bad touches to avoid this type of circumstance. So basically, I am very undecided. I'm interested to hear others opinions on the matter of discussing sex as pleasure with children.

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