Friday, February 19, 2016

That panel tho

The panel has to be one of my favorite things about my week! It was so informative, and I actually never learned most of the stuff about midwives before and I didn't know there was really a difference between one and a doula before! (tbqh I didn't really know what a doula was before this class) Out of the three people at the panel, I was really happy that David was there. The ladies were really informative, but I enjoyed having to hear a male's perspective on birth and what not. I thought his response to that person's question about two mothers or two fathers was a really really good answer and I really respected how he went about it. I think anyone can be a good parent yeah, you can be two men, two women, or whatever and I think people can still raise great kids. Where I agree with David on the issue overall is the idea of having enough role models in a child's life that it sort of counteracts with the deviant type of household that isn't the standard mommy and daddy with kid sort of thing.

Also I could not get the potato thing out of my head, I keep thinking about it, and when I'm not thinking about it something will remind me of it, but I guess that's good? Because it will always remind me like "hey if you're thinking of some sort of contraception that isn't what you learned in class, it might not be the BEST idea so don't do it." So I guess....that lesson will always stick with me? haha but I did enjoy the contraception talk. I also learned about all the variety that there is out there which makes me more comfortable in knowing that there's more options than just the pill.

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