Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Panel

I thought the panel was really cool, and it makes me really excited for the upcoming ones. I loved the fact that there was a male on the panel. I think he exemplifies what a good father should be, and I bet it's probably really refreshing for some of the current/future fathers that see him. In my opinion, I think sometimes it's really hard to connect with someone of the opposite sex, especially when it it's about fatherhood. Now, i'm not saying that a female can't get through to a man on that level, but I think in some instances it's really helpful for a young male to talk to someone who is a father, who understands the apprehension of the baby coming (from the father's perspective), give them some sort of guidance, and what to expect as there role of a father. I think understanding the importance of that role from someone who is a father can be really effective.

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