Friday, February 19, 2016

The Panel

The panel discussing was so interesting to me. I absolutely loved learning about experiences first-hand and seeing how exactly certain things happen. I didn't know so many things going into this panel discussion, and felt like I learned so much from the midwife. I never knew how intense that role was, and think it is incredible that she has had home births herself. Also, some of the details she included about child birth really made me cringe and not want to have kids for a second. But, I am valuing everything the panel said because it is REAL LIFE! The man on the panel intrigued me as well, because I think there is such a crucial need in society today for teen dads staying present in their child's life. Being able to provide resources for those young fathers is what will change this generation of families along with the next. On Wednesday, learning more about contraception was interesting because I didn't know there were so many different forms of the pill and never knew there was one that you can have inserted into your arm. That seems like it would really freak me out and be uncomfortable! I was on the same brand of the pill for six years, and when I stopped taking it I was scared my body was going to freak out on me. Surprisingly, my periods were completely normal and I never experienced weird pains or anything! It was good to here in class this week that being on the pill for a certain number of years won't necessarily harm your body like that.

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