Friday, February 12, 2016

The Pill

I was aware of most of the forms of birth control available and female and male anatomy. However it is always good to have a refresher course!
I am currently on the birth control pill for contraceptive and health reasons. Without birth control my periods feel as though I'm giving birth. I have been on the pill for over 3 years now and I love it as a form of birth control. The only difficult part about this method are the frequent check ups that are required to refill your prescription. I personally am an advocate for over the counter birth control pills, so women can have easy access to this inexpensive and common form of birth control. I think it would make the pill a lot more accessible to a wide variety of women. Not everyone is fortunate enough to afford to be able to visit their doctor every few months for birth control.
I also learned that Oregon and California are taking steps in that direction! Now in those states you don't have to visit your doctor to receive the pill, instead you can fill out a questionnaire and have them delivered to you through an app on your phone! How cool is that!?
Feel free to comment about your opinions about over the counter birth control, I would love to know what you guys think.


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