Saturday, February 6, 2016

Thinking too hard? 

This article in particular resonated with me on several levels. Growing up in a cut throat Christian household, I was always warned of the troubles that could come with casual sex or even sex before marriage. Yet, as I grew older and began to formulate my own perspective on worldly matters such as the idea of sex, I came to a crossroad. Now, the idea of linking both analytical and creative thinking with sex seems far fetched, but the more I delved into the article, the more it made sense. Ever heard of the someone say, "you're thinking with your heart, not your brain?" Well, this certainly was always something that I rolled my eyes at, but when you think about it, it actually really kind of makes sense.

Now here's why it makes sense. When you're focused on just having sex, you don't really have to think about where you're going to be two years from now with that one person. Sure, you could come to find yourself in that position. But when you're just looking to hook up, you're only thinking about that one moment of satisfaction. You don't have all the thoughts clouding your mind, so you can think on a much more logical level and can make better decisions. However, if you're focusing on more of a love aspect, then sometimes you let your feelings cloud what's actually good for you. Your partner could be unfaithful or lying right to your face, but your "heart" or feelings could tell you no, stay with them, you love them. Therefore, you're doing what presently seems logical to you but could be adverse to you in the future. Seems kind of sucky when you think about it, but I'm sure we've all found ourselves in some sort of situation like that.

Just because these studies say one thing isn't the case for ALL people. Some people may make the biggest mistakes of their lives with one random act of sex, while some focusing on love will be the happiest people in the world. You could find yourself on either side of the spectrum, just have to take that jump.

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