Monday, February 29, 2016

Tinderella - A love discussion from information in class

So I'm a senior I never dated much in college. It wasn't that I wasn't into it, but I was obsessed with being single.
Like hello:
-You don't have to check in with anyone
-One set of laundry
-No stupid arguments
-You can flirt/dance/make out at the bar without the guilt
-You can gain five pounds and nobody cares
You know, the good stuff.
So there I was, a senior in college, sometimes contemplating a relationship, rarely ever agreeing with the idea. Swiping left on tinder all day, and the occasional right when I'm feeling it.

I thought this entire site was GREAT. Guys tell me I'm pretty (they can't even see the cheese tots I'm eating on the other side of the screen). It was hilarious and great all at the same time. Even occasionally you'd meet one and contemplate your life decisions and grow concerned for your lack of care about your own safety.
Yet, it eventually turned into a game of avoid the creeps and accept the compliments. With a side dish of feeling pretty badass for denying guys all the time.

So true story: I delete the app, like the normal minded healthy person I am. [sike] the back of my mind I matched with a guy the night before who I really hoped would message me. Why? I'm basic. We met at a frat party and I was infatuated.
Shameful action: I re-download the app, and mysterious Frat man shows on the screen, with a little dot next to his name.
Score. Mysterious boy is interested.
^ Basically. 
So we hung out, once.
Let me just go ahead and say we're probably way off the scale of normality for this website and the amount of people who actually end up together. 
One night of hanging out after a few weeks of texting, the next morning of a date to six flags, and about a week or so later I basically moved in.
I know you're probably thinking I'm psycho, who in their right mind wouldn't...but hear me out here:
Have you ever heard people in love start saying when you know you know?
Yeah, I think they're all liars too.
Until I fell in love off Tinder.
I want to give my thanks to my generation of "hooking up" culture for developing such a cheesy self-centered app. Because without that app, I would't have met my boyfriend.

We didn't follow the basic rules of dating, so what?
We communicate, we discuss things, we express ourselves. In fact, we shared more on the first night than we ever have with anyone.
Love is a decision.

Generally, things don't work out this way. But I thought it'd be fun to share my story, since it is kind of a rare one.

So yeah, Tinder is a place for game-playing love, but sometimes things catch you by surprise.
I explained how I would never be in a relationship until after college, because who honestly wants to let that single life go? As cheesy as it is to admit, I fell in love with that boy like the cheesy rom-com's you see on TV.


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