Sunday, February 14, 2016

TMI time.

going over and learning about contraceptives this week made me think: what birth control is best for me?

because I enjoy sex too much to be abstinent. lez be honest. but I realized. I hate all kinds of contraceptives.

I don't like the pill. most of them fuck with your hormones and I don't want to be a dramatic mess. or have anything disrupt my eccentric personality.
I don't like that some girls stop having periods when they take the pill. that is so unnatural and would only geek me out into thinking I'm pregnant.

having any kind of plastic or metal built inside of my vagina is weird.

the bar in your arm is really weird. I have also heard that you stay infertile for a few months even after it's removed.

I have heard too many times that spermicide causes my pH balance to be thrown off a lot (but I guess so does anything that enters your vagina). But I also don't trust spermicide to be completely effective against a guy cumming inside of me. ah.

I also don't like condoms. I'm not comfortable with the female condom, and then when it comes to male condoms, I dislike the latex smell of them.

It interrupts the sexual experience. like I can't go between intercourse to oral without tasting plastic. ew.

I know I should for my health. and when it comes down to it. I do use condoms to protect myself. even though I hate all the options.

I just need a relationship ha.

sorry for the TMI.

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