Saturday, February 27, 2016

Wednesday's Film

The film we watched was great and showed those three different stories and each sort of left an impact on me. I always knew about the next of kin thing being an issue, but the fact that people are out there that don't understand why people want rights for LGBTQA because they don't understand issues like the first story is really frustrating! It was so hard watching those people who were basically strangers to that woman's partner take all that stuff away from her just because they were the next of kin and she wasn't. She should've been allowed to see her partner, should have been told what happened, and shouldn't have had to deal with all of that. The second story I liked how it showed even among others who are supposed to be on the same side as you when it comes to your sexuality can even be against you because you don't dress and act like them. I liked how it showed other groups are stigmatized in the community. The third one was a bit more fun to watch (mainly because of Ellen haha) but still really hit home when one of them said, "I hate how we can't me a child out of love by accident like others can." That's something I kind of always knew about too, but didn't really put into perspective on how damaging that can be to a person.

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