Friday, February 5, 2016

Week 2 of blogging

The class discussions we had this week were very interesting to me. I really enjoyed the lecture on research because I have taken many classes in research in the past and it always surprises me that there are so many different ways to collect information on people in the world. My favorite type of research method is direct observation because I love observing people and seeing how they interact with others. I believe that is the best way to gather the most accurate information, especially if they don't know they are being observed. Another type of research method I like is surveys because I believe that is the best way to gather large amounts of information for the least amount of money. Anytime I see a survey I do my best to answer with honesty because I know now after taking some classes on research that they help tremendously in gathering data. I'm excited to continue lecturing on sexuality and also doing more activities that require us to move around the classroom.

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