Saturday, February 6, 2016

week 2

I found the view of the article intriguing. she brought up a good point when her son asked about being "accidentally pregnant". if kids are taught that sex is strictly to have babies then they can get really confused when they hear about kids being a "surprise" or an "accident". also, if they haven't had enough live experience before the first time that become intimate with someone they may not realize the precautions that they need to take in order to not become pregnant or even just to be safe for their health. i know i was pretty naive about a lot of things as i was growing up and getting into the stages of getting through puberty and dating. when my parents had the "sex talk" with me it was what i think of as the typical talk, "when a man and a woman are in love they get married, then they want start a family". then when i started actually dating they had another talk with me about waiting til marriage. part of me hopes that i'm more like the mom from the article rather than my parents. when i did want to take that step i felt ashamed and i didn't want to talk to them so i lied a lot. i don't want my kid(s) to have to lie and sneak around. i know that through this class at least ill have gained at least the basic knowledge to be able to teach my kids correct information and confidently too. if we tell kids the truth about sex then they hopefully won't feel ashamed about it and they won't be in the dark either about why they want to have sex even though they don't want to have babies. that also opens the door to teach them about contraception options.
also side note i just think it is so crazy that a virus that started out being spread by mosquitoes can somehow now be sexually transmitted.

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