Thursday, February 11, 2016

Week 3: Obscene Anatomy?!

To be completely honest, being that I'm on a path toward PMH-Nurse Practitioning, the anatomy of the male and female bodies was not new information. I was, however intrigued by the mention of the various different slang terms for those parts- so naturally, I got on the Internet! 
There, I found a very interesting article regarding those terms and the comfortability of using those compared to the actual anatomical name of the body part. 

The article points out that the anatomical name of female parts are viewed as obscene 29% of the time whereas male's parts - named anatomically - were perceived obscene 3% of the time. WOW! 
It even infers that most people prefer the slang terms over the anatomical medical term. 
Also, 1200 synonymous slang terms for vagina!!!??! I'm pretty sure I can only think of a handful! 

Anyway- take a look at this paper.


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