Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 3

Learning about penis and vaginas in class on Monday was very interesting. After class i couldnt wait to go home and investigate my boyfriend.. hehe.. Its funny to me that most of us have seen either, but never really learn the scientific names for the different parts. My mind was spinning when Professor Stone was reeling off all of the different parts. How do people come up with the other names and not stick to the biological terms? Also, I found it interesting that doctors can medically induce menopause in young girls. Does that mean they can no longer have babies or can they reverse it again? I would not wish that on my worst enemy to go through menopause as a 21 year old girl. My mom is currently going the "change" and she describes it as being miserable. The only plus side is that she doesn't have her period anymore. My heart goes out to whoever's sister had to go through that!

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