Thursday, February 11, 2016

Week 3

I thought the material we covered this week was super interesting. I never knew how many different types of contraception there were, and some of them I thought were very strange and really wondered why anyone would use some of them. I used to take the pill for years and thought that was the easiest form of birth control. I don't know why, but putting some form of contraception (other than a condom) inside of my vagina sketches me out compared to just taking a pill orally. I also did not know a lot about the penis like I thought I did. And I am really thankful that I am a female because their anatomy and how it works is complicated! I feel like there were different things that I didn't know about not only a male's anatomy, but a female's anatomy as well. Everything I had already generally known and understood but there were a few things that were definitely cleared up for me. For example, it seemed like not a lot of the class knew where the G spot is (including me) so that was interesting!

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