Friday, February 12, 2016

week 3

I feel almost like I'm a teenager again sitting in health class, but its like a do-over to learn all of the stuff I should have be taught but wasn't. everyone knows the basic anatomy but there are definitely things i didn't know like the different glands and what their purposes are or even just the correct name for certain things that i had previously only known by their slang name. I also discovered that i was extremely conscious as to where and when i would go over the chapters in the book because i didn't want to get funny looks from people if they had seen what i was looking at, especially with the real pictures rather than illustrations. class on wednesday was very interesting and i found it beneficial to be able to hear about, see, and touch different types of contraception methods. i honestly was not aware that all of those existed and even if i had heard of them i had no idea what they looked like or didn't understand how they worked. personally, i take the pill and i like it because its like a daily reassurance that i am actually getting those hormones, it helps control my complexion, cramps, and the duration of my period, and i have a monthly announcement that says "congrats your not pregnant". it is honestly so empowering to know that there are so many different options for women to prevent a pregnancy if that is her choice.

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