Thursday, February 25, 2016

week 5

well the first test is done.. check. it was pretty nice to have a movie day the day after the test and while it was like a transition into what we are going to discuss it was captivating through all three of the stories. the first story hit me the hardest, for sure. i cannot even image how it must feel to loose the person you loved most in life but you can not tell anyone that you loved her as more than a friend. and the fact that she had no legal rights; she wasn't even notified when she passed away and then the family members who did not even know her that well just came in and started packing up things that they were probably going to sell rather than keep and cherish. it really made me feel for her when the other lady in the waiting room asked if she still had a husband and when she replies that she never had a husband the other lady said something about how she was lucky because she would never have the hurt of saying goodbye.
in the second story the one thing i couldn't wrap my head around was how the other girls in the house were judging their friend and the girl she liked because amy was a different kind of lesbian than they were. like none of them fit the "norm" so why were they so quick to judge someone else who was different because its not like it was easy for them at first. you would think that they might have been a little more understanding about amy.
it was interesting to see the progression from the first story to the last story; going from where you are just friends living together to being a couple who is able to get donated semen to try to have a child together. the 4th try when they finally go to the OB-GYN for the insertion of the semen and just how supportive the doctor is of them and their decision to try to have a child. personally, i am completely heterosexual but it makes me so happy that our society has evolved and is still evolving so that people can love who they truly love. also loved that Ellen Degeneres was in the movie, she is the best!

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