Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Week six, blog five

Today, as I read the email about the film we were going to watch in class today I honesty didn't feel like going to class, being my only class of the day. I'm glad I did go though, I found if very interesting, funny and sad at the same time. The first story almost brought me to tears. First, Edith wasn't even allowed to go see her because she want "family", the body couldn't even be released to her because legally they were nothing. It made me mad how the nephew's wife treating her, all of sudden she cared about Abby, or should I say about Abby's stuff. I was getting so annoyed by her. It must of been hard for people back in those days to not be able to be freely and open about their relationship. Having to just sit there and see someone take all their partner's things away because to them they were just "good friend". I can't even imagine the things that were going through Edith's head at that time. The last story was funny, then again when is Ellen not funny? That scenario can still be applied to today, I've witnessed it recently actually. Two of my really good friend are currently going through the process of trying to conceive a child by a superb donor, hopefully they get good news soon. The movie was definitely interesting!  

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