Thursday, February 4, 2016

Weekly review

I was thinking about what we were talking about about genital mutilation and how some women would have their genitals cut and stitched up to make sex painful. This sound like something really horrible and makes me glad that it is not something that is practiced in this country but if you think about it (other than the purpose to make sex painful) how is this any different from circumcising a boy? We view female "circumcision" as something very wrong but only because it is something that we are not accustomed to. Babies and grown men get circumcised everyday and no one wants to boycott that because it what we are all used to but they still go through pain when the procedure is done. Not saying that I'm for female circumcision I  just think it's interesting how we as Americans feel so differently about two things that are almost the same. I'm not sure I could make the decision on whether or not to have my son circumcised if I ever had one because I have no idea what exactly I'd be putting him through. I'm pretty sure I would just leave that decision up to my future husband since he's the one with the goods!

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