Sunday, February 7, 2016

writers block

So, its the second week of classes...third? I don't know, who's actually counting? I can tell you one thing though, only like 6 weeks to spring break. aye.
And only 8 more days until my dog gets neutered (I'm sure he's doing anything but counting)

But anyways, let's talk about class.

I don't really have much to say about class yet. Not that I don't find it interesting, but I just haven't found anything in class worth arguing about yet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So as I sit here thinking about what to write, all I can think to talk about on is sexual education.

First off, kids aren't dumb.

They (probably) know more than we think they do when we start talking to them about sex.
Should we admit that sex is for pleasure?
...I don't know, I can't decide opinions for you. However, I'm pretty sure I'll end up educating my child that sex is for making babies AND for fun. Because growing up in a home where sex was never mentioned, and being 21 years old in a doctors office getting asked if you're sexually active in front of your parents who NEVER BROUGHT IT UP is pretty awk.

Secondly, if your kids abnormal. Speak up to their doctor. I never received proper sex education from my parents. My first encounter with a period?
My sister had her BF over and I saw she was bleeding. She was being mean to me, typical sister. So I told her if she didn't stop that I would tell her boyfriend she pee's blood.
I got sass, y'know.
Years later however, I was greeted by the unkind monster of my own bleeding. I cried, I was told I would be a real woman and I wasn't ready for it.

 I thought the idea of JUST having blood come out for a week was bad. Little did I know I would spend once a year during my period in the hospital because I had golf ball sized cysts. :-)

Along with a few other weird side effects, it turns out I have non-classical adrenal hyperplasia.
Like, I don't have a micro penis and I don't have salt wasting but for my condition I probs can't have babies, terrible cystic acne and hair loss. Oh, and only 21 people have been diagnosed with the enzyme my body is lacking. So nobody can figure out a perfect cure :-)
fun stuff, i know.
So basically, 
Educate your children and remind them not everyone is the same.
Growing up thinking I was dying and different wasn't very fun.

PS: @MsStone I posted this on Friday but I just got on my laptop and it said error so I hope this counts as friday.

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