Thursday, March 31, 2016

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The panel was very interesting! I love how there was such a diversity. It's always interesting to hear other people's experiences and thoughts about about anything really. I enjoyed Jami's perspective, how she was open about the majority of the questions. She gave her opinion, she was blunt about all of it. 

Last semester we had I had a class were we had a transgender guest speaker, female to male. It was such a great experience hearing him speak about his struggles, and his experience while transitioning! I enjoyed the panel like I said before, such a greater diversity and perspectives! 


This weeks panel was the best one yet! It was super informative and the all of individuals on the panel had super great personalities! Overall, this panel offered a lot of information! 

Panel Transgénero

This was an interesting week.  I learned a lot more about the T community.

I really thought it was interesting when Beau (not sure if I spelled that correctly) mentioned that she is taking Spanish.  Every adjective in that language is either masculine or feminine, so to not recognize as either (just as a person) is a very interesting aspect.  I have never thought about how that would be done in other languages.  In the US and in the English language, you can use gender neutral pronouns and words, but that is not the case for all languages.

I wonder what other languages are like that and how the treat that in their cultures.

This leads me to think about TX State's Spanish department.  Since TX State is LBGT friendly, why don't they include those types of things in introductory courses (like Spanish 101)?  I don't understand adding the X at the end of the word.  Is it because not many professors or Spanish speakers use it?  Is that something that should be changed?

MW 2:00

This week was very interesting. Starting off with Monday and the conversation that got a little intense for a second. I think some people found it a little rude but I'm sure more people were thinking it. And this is why we are in this class. There is lots of things that we are confused about or don't know about regarding gender, identities, sex and other things. Hopefully by taking this class and becoming informed we don't go out into the world and make offensive comments. 

The panel was very informative. I liked how Filipa (I know it's probably badly spelled sorry!) would take the time to define a new word someone threw out there. He talked about his personal experiences and also taught us a few things. Jami was so full of experience and so funny. She was really straightforward and I liked that. I liked that DJ and Beau (again sorry if its misspelled) were opposites if you can put it that way. Beau identifying with neither gender and DJ with both. Both of their stories reminded me of Baby X. In the story everyone is so worried about what is "inbetween the legs" and it must be hard to explain to people that you are neither or both or sometimes one and sometimes the other. We constantly preach "The only thing that matters is what is on the inside" but we can't seem to put that in place with gender. 


The panel was pretty cool.. I was confused for like the first half of it because two of them didn't state their birth names and I was unfamiliar with their gender identity and didn't quite understand it and plus I just wanted to know their birth gender. Before this class I was vaguely informed on the different types of gender identities and never encountered anyone (that I know of) who identified as these things, so nonetheless it was interesting to hear about their experiences. I most enjoyed hearing Jami because she offered more information and she was more open than some of the other panelists. Her openness gave me a better understanding of her thoughts, views, and lifestyles so I appreciated that.

gender blog

The panel was great! it was very interesting and informative and i thought it was beneficial that all four of the panelists identified with different genders. I really enjoyed hearing from Jami because she had so much experience and different adversities she has had to face. i had an after class thought about how the media, like Caitlyn Jenner, has had an effect on the panelists. did it open doors for them and their expressions or did it tend to have a back lash because it was such a public happening. gender identity is a great thing in my opinion because its not something that anyone can tell you what you are suppose to be, but it is what you feel and choose for yourself. even though i am a cisgender female, i like the fact that its my choice.
i have yet to read the Story of Baby X, but i look forward to reading it this weekend.


The panel this week was interesting to me. I was honestly very surprised that some of the members wouldn't tell us their real first name. And it also surprised me that the oldest panel member refused to talk about surgical transition in their life. I completely respect them not wanting to talk about certain things, but I went into the panel thinking  they were just going to open up and tell us every detail. I also never knew that there was the term for being androgynous. I loved getting to learn about what that is like from someone that is androgynous! It's so cool to see there perspectives and hear about their experiences. I was just telling some of my friends this week that I feel like I have learned more in this class than I have in all my college courses combined over the last four years. I love it!!!

It's almost Friyay

This might seem weird, but I loved the use of humor and confidence level that everyone on the panel seemed to have or give off. My favorite was when Jami gave her opinion of how she views being questioned by others. Majority of society is uneducated and just doesn't know how to ask, how to approach or how to just not be rude about confronting something that isn't the norm. Some people just don't know how to not be rude.

Side note, it's almost 3:00 on Thursday afternoon and I am so ready for the weekend so I can just relax. Four more-ish weeks of school! If you're stressed, don't fret. Everything will be okay. Everything will get done. Go have a drink and do something nice for yourself for once.

Bye y'all!


i thought the panel on wednesday was really interesting and informative. i learned a lot about agender and androgynous sexuality. i wish that Beau (i hope that's spelled right) had talked a little bit more about their experiences, especially in relation to the bathroom question. i really enjoy these panels and i think it is a very helpful way of gaining knowledge about these topics and the LGBTA community. I'm really glad that this class brings these issues to attention because so many people in the world are ignorant to the fact that these people are all around us and they are just that, PEOPLE! :)


The panel yesterday was very interesting to me. Coming from a very very small high school, I did not really realize that there were transgender people out there (which is terrible to say but it is true). I was shielded and did not really think outside of the box till I got to Texas State when there was tons of people different than me all around me. But this panel widened my eyes and cleared up a lot of questions that I had considering that I really did not understand a lot of the whole topic. The most interesting part for me was about Flip being asexual. I cannot imagine not having sexual feelings towards people because I feel like it is such a natural thing to have. But nether less it is all very interesting!


I found this panel to be very interesting once I started hearing their stories and who they are. I was very surprised to find out that Jami is still married to her wife, even after her switch. An event that big I feel like would cause a lot of distress in a marriage, but I guess their relationship was strong enough to go through anything. I think it is cool how she is so comfortable in her own skin and really does not care one bit about what people think of her or her choices that she has made throughout her lifetime. I also found Filipa (sorry if I spelled this wrong) to be very interesting. I really had no idea that he used to be a girl until he told his story of going to church and that he did not want to wear a dress. I was kind of shocked of how he did not look like a girl at all.He seemed very cool and even though he was younger and still in college, he seemed very content with who he is and his transition into being a guy. When he said he was asexual, I found that to be very interesting. Honestly I had no idea that someone could even label themselves like that. For humans, it seems like the natural process is to have sex and reproduce so I found Asexual a very interesting topic. It just seems weird to me for a person to just want to kiss somebody and that is it. I am glad this panel came and spoke to us because it definitely opened my eyes to transgender people and loved hearing their view of their own lives.

gender all together

I dont know why but I love meeting people of different genders, its so interesting to learn about. I have a few Female to Male friends and lucky enough if I have any questions they will answer them for me. I think its pretty amazing to go through what they do. it was nice to meet someone who is agender, sometimes it gets confusing, like when you're talking about them ; "oh she is so cute"; is what i normally would say and all day ive been trying to figure out how to change that, im still working on it. i think its badass what these people go through and i will forever support them!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Panel on Wednesday

I think today's panel was really great! I liked how we still had individuals who are sort of in similar stages in life like most of us, but we also had an older individual because I think it gave a really good contrast in how an older generation and the younger generation stands on similar points relating to transgender issues. I felt a little bit like some of the younger ones had more closer ties to gender and sexuality labels, while Jami gave us that really nice explanation about why she does not like the term "lesbian." I think it was really insightful and having four different genders up there put it into perspective of how fluid a person's identity can be.

It also made me more comfortable to know that Filipa (i'm soooo sorry if i spelt your name wrong!) was asexual because as someone who kind of identifies as one, it was really nice to know that someone else feels that way. The way he described how he says, "wow you'd be a person I would really want to date/kiss" instead of saying what some people say like, "man I wanna have sex with that person" is kind of how I feel. I know we didn't get an asexual person in our previous panel, so it was really neat to see someone who was both asexual and transgender.

Beau and DJ were both really cool individuals, even though I am cis gender, I can sort of understand their feeling about clothing. I really feel like clothing shouldn't be gendered as much, and it should really be up to what is most comfortable to you. I really want to see the dresses that DJ said they were going to wear/buy next month!

Overall I think all of them were really interesting and entertaining individuals, some of their responses were really funny and that kept me really engaged into what they were talking about.

Gender Blog

This week on Monday we discussed the topic gender. I thought it was good that people stated their thoughts and questions and opinions about being bi, lesbian, etc. It got a little heated but I think those discussions are a good thing because we express how one feels and get another opinion. The panel was really good today. I really liked Dj how he said what he needed and wanted to say whatever he feels.

Today's panel

I thought the panel today was really fun and informational. I really liked everyone who was up also. I thought Jami was really fun and she seemed so cool and funny and I loved the way she looked at a lot of the issues she had to go through and some of the things that she said about her children and family and I thought it was great how they all just seemed to accept her. I also really loved DJ! I loved how for just about every response he said "personally I don't really care" it made me laugh because I just thought it was so cool how laid-back and chill he was with issues that concern him/her. I kind of got the vibe from Beau that they didn't really have a lot to share or didn't want to share a lot of things. I also thought Filipa was pretty cool too and how he "finger-gunned" his way out of uncomfortable situations!


I learned so much from this panel today that I didn't know before. I never thought about what Agender people and had never heard that term before this class. I've never thought about what Jamie said in regards to probably been in the restroom with a transgender. I think this panel made me realize there are these types of people in the world and be more accepting towards them! 

Panel and stuff

This week I thought it was really interesting during the panel. I am from a really small town in way south Texas, so it really opens my eyes to see people who are actually going through this themselves. It is very rare for someone in my town to come out, much less talk about it.
I also thought this week was very interesting because I did not know many between gender identity/nonconforming/etc. Although I am still a little blurred on the terms sometimes, I do enjoy learning this topic and I am looking forward to learning more!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I was shocked to learn how my boyfriend lost his virginity

long story short: He was 17 and watching a movie with his then girlfriend and her dad. They proceeded to mess around under the blanket and things escalated quickly. Did i mention her dad is BLIND? 

My boyfriend and his ex girl friend had sex IN FRONT OF HER BLIND FATHER!!!! 

I was horrified and questioned his character a little bit, but the more I thought about it the more I wanted to laugh. It was quite a tale. 

The Story of Baby X

After reading the story of baby X, it made me realize how the world really is and how it seems that we do many times expect it to run in a certain way. There was really nothing wrong with the way baby X was living and how sometimes he seemed to be or act like a boy and sometimes he seemed to be or act like a girl. Everybody is different and a lot of the times people are going to act differently depending on their personality or their beliefs. We are all human and we all have the capability to do things, sometimes others do it better than others depending on gender but anybody could and really should not be judged on what they decide to do and how. When parents started worrying about their child's behavior because they thought it was out of the norm I believe was taking to far when they held a meeting and took it all the way to the principles office. When they tested X and realized he was normal the parents of the other children were disappointed but really had no reason to be. A penis and a vagina show a person's gender not their identity.

Sexual Autobiography

I was dreading writing my Sexual Autobiography and it turned out not to be that bad. I do not like sharing things about my sex life. I think that my sex life is personal and I was feeling apprehensive about having to write about it. It turned out to be good though and I actually enjoyed the assignment. I feel like this class has not really changed my beliefs but reinforced them. I still think that sex was meant to be special and I know that we are learning about all different situations but that belief has not changed. It has been good to hear them and learn from the lectures but I am still very much convinced that sex was made to be in the context of intimacy. As I was writing my sexual autobiography and thinking about my own journey and experiences, I feel like I felt that more then ever. I feel very thankful that my first sexual experience was with my husband. I know that is super old fashioned and not the norm these days. I do not think I am better then anyone else, I am just personally glad that I felt in my heart that I wanted to wait for someone special and I did. I think all of our autobiographies are so unique and individual for each person. As we look back on them, we can probably all see different things we learned and new values that have formed through them.

Monday, March 28, 2016

blog number ?

I just realized that this blog never posted but better late than never! 
Writing my sexual autobiography was really difficult for me and I'm not really sure why. I actually cried while writing it. I guess thinking about everything made me very emotional. I didn't have a great first experience so I guess having to remember all of the emotions that went into that were hard to think about. I wonder if other people in the class also had a hard time writing the paper. It was also really hard to think about how those experiences have affected me still today. It made me feel like there was something wrong with me and like my sex life was not normal but I guess everyone's normal is different and it's not fair to judge myself on that. I also found our conversation about orgasm very interesting.  I found the words that we were using to describe the physical changes that happen during sex sounded awful. sweating, blood rushing, turning red, body parts swelling, all of that sounds so awful when you talk about it but it's the best thing ever so I find that so interesting. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

I really enjoy the class activities where we can interact with others and share our opinions. I think we should do them more often! Also, I really like the tests being online makes me way less stressed!

Blog number???

I thought it was interesting that so many of the same words were used to describe orgasms. I feel like everyone probably experiences it differently, but yet it seems to be so similar to everyone. It kind of makes me think of whether the words used are what we actually think of it or if its more of words that have been fed to us about what its supposed to be like? Maybe our vocabulary is just limited haha. Either way it was really funny to hear how some people described it.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


UGH. This is the second time I've forgotten to blog :( this week back was hectic!
Anyway, I really liked this week's lecture, I honestly wasn't surprised by some of the percentages and stats for all the different sexually transmitted diseases. It's just another friendly reminder to always take precautions in terms of sexual partners. You really never know, and it doesn't help that in majority of cases there are no symptoms...
I'm kinda nervous to turn in this sexual autobiography. I'm not worried necessarily about the content, because I don't mind sharing that, but guess I think it's strange because I've never actually written anything down like that and it's just weird to read it. It's always just been thoughts, or kinda verbalized but and for me to actually read it on paper is...i don't know, strange haha.
It's not a bad thing, though; I think it's a good opportunity to try writing about something and actually analyze that part of ourselves that we may of otherwise ignored.

Bobcat bumps

When I went to my first college party as a freshman  I heard everyone talking about "bobcat bumps" and I had no idea what that was. Then someone explained to me that it was an STD that only Texas State students can get. Being young and naive, I believed her. Now I'm a senior and college and have yet to engage in any sexual activity at Texas State lol I appreciate professor Stone for clearing up that rumor.

blog number idk

It was interesting to see how common everyones perceptions and feelings about orgasms. its  good to see that people are so alike and to not feel like you're the only one who like really enjoys sex, especially as a female. i feel like it is almost looked down upon for women to enjoy sex openly the same that men do.
this class has been a great eye opener. there is so many STIs that i didnt know about and so many different things about different STIs that i didnt know about.

Friday, March 25, 2016


Class on Wednesday was so funny to me. I was honestly so surprised with the "physical changes during sex" activity because I thought that there would be a lot more than there really were! I went into the assignment thinking it would be easy but once we said a lot of the changes, it was hard to think of more and I figured it would've been easier. I thought the orgasm words were both funny but interesting, and it didn't surprise me that there were so many repeated words. These are things that we don't normally think about in terms of sex but when we do, it's so interesting! I loved class this week.

STI blog

I thought it was so interesting hearing all the statistics about STIs. I didn't realize just exactly how prevalent some of them are. I think that there is a huge stigma attached to having any STI and that tends to perpetuate the problem because people are embarrassed to inform their sexual partners that they have one. Not that that's an excuse! The year after I lost my virginity I was told that I had HPV. I knew I must have contracted it from my partner because I had only had one partner! I wasn't upset at him because I know that he didn't know and had been tested for other STIs but not HPV. For other reasons we broke up, and then got back together 3 years later. He still swears to this day that I must have contracted it after we broke up. He just can't accept the fact that he had/has an STI. He has told me that when I "accuse" him of it it makes him feel dirty. I think his feelings go back to the stigma that is attached to STIs which is unfortunate. He is a good guy and he shouldn't have to feel dirty for having something that a huge chunk of the population has. Anyway that is my experience / opinion about STIs.

This week

Loved the sex, lies, and chocolate presentation this week! It was very informative yet humorous. The stats of the presentation were pretty alarming. I didn't realize that there have been that many new cases of STI's...not to mention those are only the ones that have been reported. Who knows how many got unreported each year?! It's scary and I definitely do not want to be a new case. I feel like in the past my main concern has been pregnancy when I should also be concerned about STI's as well. 

Orgasms and STDs

This week was interesting learning about STD's and talking about orgasms. I think that our reactions to the STD presentation were similar to the contraception. It was like we thought we knew most STDs/Contraceptions but we really had no idea and there was more than we knew about. The orgasm activity was interesting. I think a lot of us really needed more than 3 words to describe them but that also made it interesting because we had to be creative in only 3 words. I'm super excited for the panel next week!

Arousal and The big O

The class discussion this week was extremely educational on how others view the topic.  I liked to learn other people view on arousal and also a male perspective on the topic.  I also liked the discussion that we talked about in class about desire and how it can differ from sexes. My significant other and I discussed it the other night. It was very interesting to see their thoughts on the matter. All in all I thought it was a very good class this week and I am looking forward to reading the chapter and what information I can learn from it.

The big O

I loved class this week. The topics were very interesting and the activity was fun! It was neat to hear everyone's different descriptions of an orgasm. I wish we could talk more about this topic because it is so broad and very intriguing to hear everyone's opinions on it.  I also enjoyed writing the sexual autobiography, I liked being able to bring back certain memories and reminisce.

Class this week

  I found both classes this week to be very interesting. I loved the STD talk, because telling by a lot of classmates faces most people didn't know how prevalent and common most STDs are in today's society, especially specifically within a college town. I also appreciated the clarification on "bobcat bumps" because I was one of those people that had heard about it several times and wasn't quite sure if we had our own STD or just had such a high rate of that specific STD that we gave it a catchy name, sort of like raider rash I suppose. I also loved the activity where we put down the 3 words to describe orgasm, I was kind of surprised on some of the choices of words but I was also surprised at the words that were duplicated so much. Another thing I found enjoyable from this week was the video of the foreign guy fitting the condom over his head, and then was even more tickled to hear how mant times you had done the same yourself, highlight of my week.


I really enjoyed class on Wednesday because it was extra funny and fun. I know that our body has a way to respond both physically and psychologically to sexual arousal and orgasm. I think it’s ridiculous for people to use the claim that rape victims “wanted” to be raped because their body responded to the perpetrator in a particular manner. We can’t completely control our body and the fact that they use that as a rebuttal is absolutely disgusting. When someone is being raped how they feel, can and is, completely different to how their body is responding. I think that’s just an evolutionary factor that our body responds in that manner but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s enjoyable.

In terms of writing the autobiography I realized how open I have become in terms of sexual intercourse, sexuality, and in general about my sexual self. While writing the autobiography sometimes it was hard to be completely honest. I haven’t even talked to my closest friends about some of the topics in the essay so it was hard to reveal those things to well a complete stranger (Sorry Mrs. Stone). This essay allowed me to understand myself a little more and allowed me to see where I stand on different issues. It was a nice self-reflective moment.   


Last class on Wednesday we had an activity which was about orgasms, describing an orgasm with three different words was really fun and interesting. It was also very neat and interesting when we figured out that many of the words were repeated. Some words that were said were very funny but in a way very true. Some people worded it out in a way I never imagined, lol. I also liked the Autobiography that was due on Wednesday, it took me back to many years back and brought a lot of great memories back.  

Class Activities

I really enjoyed the activity we did in class on Wednesday. I believe that was the most active I have been in any of my classes. I hope we could do many more before the end of the semester. I would also like to say that, the feelings that we have about sex with a person depends on the individual and how close they we to that partner. I say this because, there are somethings that I wouldn't do to a female if it's just an casual encounter, but if I have feelings for a female and feel close to her, I will open up more, and will feel more comfortable to do more sexual things to turn her on.

Week 8???

This week has been so stressful getting back from Spring Break and having an exam and couple of projects to do, but I enjoyed doing my sexual autobiography. It really helped me see how far I have come from being such an obedient little girl to the complete opposite. haha. This is the only class I enjoy coming to and it's mainly because of the things we talk about and the activities we get to do. I wish we had more activities to do like the one we did on Thursday. It was really fun and you learn through others experiences.


Talking about orgasms in class today was actually really fun and interesting. The activity was really fun and  I found it really interesting how most everyone wrote down the same things.  I also enjoyed writing my sexual autobiography this week. I guess looking at everything laid out on paper kind of gave me a different view on things.

Orgasam's and more

The week after spring break is never fun getting back to classes and real life but this class for sure made it better! Writing my sexual autobiography was actually kind of fun for me, it was a nice little trip down memory lane! Lol I even snap chatted my ex and told him what I was doing. He told me to to make him sound good! Hahaha but then ok Wednesday the clas was a blast. I thought it was hilarious talking about orgasams and stuff like that with the class as a whole. I'm pretty sure everyone would agree too that it was a great activity and fun for everyone!

How interesting

It was pretty cool to hear how everyone felt about orgasms, and interesting that majority of people had the same 3 words to describe them. I put down intense, amazing, and bonding which I think only one other person put down. The STI lecture was also very interesting, it's scary to think you can have an infection and not know 😳. 


Last class when we wrote three words descibing an orgasm was really fun and interesting. The activity was so interesting because of the fact that a lot of words were repeated, the words that were said were funny and also very true!!! An orgasim all in all is hard to explain so trying to do so can be quite the challenge.  

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Orgasm Activity

I thought the activity was very interesting and helpful. I personally wanted to know how others thought about sex. I too put on my index care that sex to me is relieving and pleasurable. I couldn't think of a third that match the others, but the word that I thought was close was "tiring". I was surprised to hear that the three words that I would use to describe sex were the same for most of the class. I always like to hear others thoughts on a topic and when talking about sex I feel that it is important to hear others perspective on something that is normal behavior.

STI's and Orgasms

I found this weeks lectures to be very interesting. I've always been aware of the different kinds of STI's but the lecture put everything in better perspective and made things a little clearer. Often times in Sex Ed classes, you're just shown horrible pictures that are supposed to scare you into not having sex but they hardly ever tell you that most STI's start out as asymptomatic. Because of the lack of accuracy in Sex Ed classes, I feel that is the main reason why people don't get tested. They don't immediately see the rash/bumps/warts so they assume that they must not have it because it doesn't look like the pictures they were shown. I actually really enjoyed yesterday's lecture about orgasms. I thought the activity was really interesting because it helped us open up as classmates to one another while still being able to have some fun with it. I really like that this class seems so open in explaining whatever anybody has a question about. There are so many people that are uneducated about sex and STI's that often avoid asking questions and end up putting themselves in difficult situations. I also just want to give a shout out to the people that shared their personal experiences with sex and STI's in class. I admire your bravery!


Really enjoyed the activity on wednesday. I felt like it made the class a lot closers and also opened up a lot of individuals who don't talk daily. I'm very excited to the panel on Monday. I was writing my Sexual autobiography and found it hard to remember my past Sexual experiences. Knowing that I couldn't remember was hard in the beginning but I knew that I couldn't be the only one feeling that way. All in all I learned a lot this week and can't wait to see what the semester has in store. Also can I say that talking about past Sexual experiences really makes my boyfriend uncomfortable and it bothers me...

Class this week

The activity yesterday really sparked up some old sexual memories and made me take a more narrowed lens on sexual pleasures and orgasm. I know what an orgasm is of course, but I've never thought of all the changes and actions that take place before during and after an orgasm. It was really interesting to see it broken down into stages. Every time I attend a STD/STI lecture I always get scared or nervous. Lol. Seeing the stats of how many people may have an infection and don't know about it makes me nervous for myself but the lecture also encourages you to be more responsible if you're sexually active and get tested regularly.

STD lecture

This week's lecture was something that I found extremely interesting. In fact, it was even more interesting due to the fact my friend just noticed some bumps on himself, and we we're just discussing what they could be.

On the other hand however, I was also very surprised with how many people opened up about their own health issues, and their experiences with the student health center. I was so relieved to hear that everyone had issues with them, because I'm here to tell you about some of my own.

For example:
I have PCOS and a very bad hormone imbalance. Sometimes I get infections and since I've been in college I no longer have the luxury of visiting my home doctor. Therefore, being cheap and convenient I made my way to the student health center.

My first visit wasn't very fun. I had a new doctor learn the in's and out's of my vagina, I had her poking around in uncomfortable places, and try to convince me that I needed an HPV test because you never know what you could have, even though it was around $40 and I knew I was clean. Whatever. I got the medication I needed after long conversations and lectures about how my boyfriend probably wasn't being honest and sleeping around with other people and I probably was going to get like, so many STD's bc I was a dumb freshman.

I hate the student health center, more than any other place. 

I feel bad for my friend as he is currently in the mind set of never getting to take the road back to pound town because of his bumps. But this class lecture has given me a little more insight, and we're getting it taken care of. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

condom challenge FAIL

I tried the condom challgenge and I wish I had videoed the the whole process.

here is the rundown:

So my boyfriend and I went to Walgreens and stood in front the condom section debating which would be best for blowing it up over my head... lubricated? non lubricated? ribbed or not? We ended up deciding on a variety pack of flavored lubricated condoms. My boyfriend thought having a nice scent would make this experience more pleasurable.

We get home and the first (strawberry flavored) condom busts over my head.

Attempt 2- the pineapple one--- BUST

third time is the charm, right? Well, in this case it wasn't. we busted the green apple one too

At this point we are DETERMINED.. it turned into a whole house affair... my boyfriend's roommates came into the living room with their condom stashes trying to help to receive this extra credit (which i later learn isn't actually extra credit)

We busted a few more over my head before going to the XXX shop to find a better variety

The key for me was using a magnum condom, stretching it over my head and airing it up using a BICYCLE PUMP!

needless to say we were all crying laughing, but also very shock at how strong condoms actually are.

Sex, Chocolate, & STI's

This week was interesting finding out how most STI's do not have symptoms so you can be carrying it but not know about it. STI's as we learned in class can cause a lot of problems if not treated in time so I think that people should be much  more aware and get tested if they feel like something may be wrong or they may be carrying it because of somebody that may have been carrying it.
The activities that we did today were very fun, everybody is different in the way they experience orgasm or how they feel about it but yet many of us were similar in the way we felt about sex. When Ms. Stone was reading the note cards aloud many of the words how we discussed were repeated because sex makes everybody feel some sort of way, some people may experience differently because of maybe their partner but a lot of times it will feel the same for everybody. I think it is also different how people express it, somebody may express it as fun but for somebody else that is not fun for them.

Orgasms and STI's

This weeks classes were very interesting! From freaking me out Monday about how most STI's not having any symptoms, to describing orgasms in three words today. I do not know if it is just me, but the fact that the most common symptom of the majority of STI's is not having any symptoms scares me just a lot. But I kind of really enjoyed today's class. I found it really interesting seeing how everyone described an orgasm. And that fact that everyone kind of described it sort of the same was even more interesting.

I smell sex and candy 🎶

Basically, I wish there wasn't such a stigma attached to STI's. There's this viscous cycle of being afraid to get tested, so you keep having sex which spreads the infection to others, who are also afraid to get tested and so on. 

But onto a much more pleasurable subject, the orgasm discussion was pretty awesome. 

sexual autobiography

I thought the sexual autobiography assignment was pretty cool and actually kind of fun. I remembered a lot of things I hadn't thought about for a long time! Like the time I first found out what sex was. I was in the third grade and a classmate told me one day while we were sitting alone in the class. That was something I hadn't put thought into for years and thinking back on it was actually pretty entertaining. Thinking back on my first sexual experiences with guys was also fun and kind of embarrassing thinking about the stupid things I did. Overall I thought it was a good assignment that made me do a lot of reflecting

This week's classes

It was kind of interesting to hear how different everyone viewed orgasms, mainly because it's not really something that I tend to think much about. There were so many words and some of them were so different than what I was imaging which I guess it's really neat having a class as big as ours to get so many different viewpoints in something as simple as writing down three words on a card. (btw the word cloud kind of looks like a fish with its mouth open to me...) Class on Monday was really interesting too! I think it's nice that people are trying to move from calling them STD's to STI's because I think the notion of disease versus infection makes the whole issue a little bit better to talk about to others, because disease has such a greater negative relation to me than infection does. While STI's are still not something good to get, I think people get too afraid to talk about it more when others refer to it as an STD. I knew some of the information before we talked about STI's but I honestly have never heard about the whole Bobcat Bumps myth! Overall I think it's really important that people are open about STI's because it's really awful to not disclose that sort of information to their partners and to not take protective measures so that they don't spread those infections.


Today in class we discussed arousals, orgasims, etc.

Personally I have never really thought about how different individuals view orgasims. I thought how the entire class had to pick three words to describe an orgasim for them as an individual was pretty cool. Basically the class all had the same end game. We all might get to the end game through different ways but we all want the same end game which would be to experience pleasure. :)


I knew what STIs were, but I had no idea that the typical symptom of them is to have no symptoms. I just thought once you contracted a sexual transmitted infection you just knew right then and there that you had one. Since this is the case, in my opinion, I think that everyone that has had sex go and get tested to figure out if you have a STI or not. I also had no idea that HIV and AIDS were not the same thing because I have grown up hearing those words used interchangeably. That makes me feel pretty alarmed that I did not know this until I took this sexuality class because most people do not take this class, therefore will probably never know the different between HIV and AIDS. I feel like everybody should be more informed about STIs so that we, as a nation, can lower the number of 19 million new cases every year. I also feel like people should understand that they might possibly have a STI even though they do not have any symptoms and do not be ignorant about it. People need to know that they even though they have no symptoms, they could still pass on that STI to their partner who might show symptoms and cause pain. Definitely a topic that everybody should be informed about.

Sex and Candy

I was so excited about chocolate this week.  Hershey kisses are like crack and I could have easily eaten the whole bag.  The only thing that would have made it better was if they were frozen!  I have this weird thing about frozen Hershey's chocolate... it's like a party in my mouth!

Talking about arousal today was kind of fun.  No one ever really talks about that out loud, but then again in our culture, we don't really talk about sex.  I don't mean to use it as a conversation starter or anything, but who ever really has a talk about arousal???

I think this pretty much sums up my relationship with chocolate...jk... but seriously- chocolate has its upsides:)

It was very interesting to hear what people have heard about arousal.  I really like the term "retractable foreskin."  It almost sounds like a super power.  "RETRACTABLE FORESKIN GO!"  I found that pretty funny myself. 

Thinking about arousal and chocolate makes me not even want to go into the talk about STIs... that is just not sexy.  I think I have heard my cousins talk about the "Bobcat Bumps" before, but I didn't really think about it too much.  I almost think that is stupid for people to think that TX State has its own strain called the Bobcat Bumps.  Is that really something to be proud of?  Especially when it doesn't even exist?

I made a WordCloud!

I compiled all of the words the class wrote to describe an orgasm, and here is the word cloud. The larger the word, the more it was repeated.

Sex, Lies, and no chocolate please

I enjoyed the Sex, Lies, and Chocolate presentation in class on Monday. I've been to a Sex, Lies, and Chocolate program before during my freshman year in the residents hall. Both times I found the presentation fun and very informative. I'm happy to say that I learned something new at both of the presentations. Like Ms. Stone though I do not like chocolate but I just gave the candy to some one else. 

I actually have a question is anyone is reading this. I'm having a really hard time remembering to write my blogs every week and I was wondering if anyone had any advise on how to stay on top of the blog entries? 

Sexual autobiography

After writing my sexual autobiography, I realized how much I have changed over the years according to my morals. I was also suprised how educated I have become over the years. From not knowing anything the first time I had sex with my boyfriend to what I know now. I'm so thankful I have had the education about sex that I have. I hope that more sex Ed classes will continue to be informative and that prevention of STDs and STIs will continue instead of teaching abstinence only. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

baby X

I read the story of baby X on the way out of town yesterday, and I was quite surprised at the way parents acted. I tried to put myself in their shoes and I realized my son already loves to do things that aren’t “boyish”. He loves to cook, clean, put glitter on things, and help pick out what I should wear. I never once looked at how he acts, and thought he should act more like a boy. He does enough “boy” things like fighting, digging in the dirt with friends, playing with his millions of Legos, and being plain dirty. He is 7 and if he came to me and wanted to dress like a princess that day instead of iron man (he dresses in his old costumes every day after school) then I would let him. It’s his life and he can choose what and who he wants to be. My wife didn’t always agree until she realized that he does do those “girly” activates already. We as adults have to remember they are children and see color, not black and white like we seem to now.

STI lecture

     During lecture on Monday I was thoroughly entertained by everyone's reactions.  It could not have been more obvious that many of us were quite clueless STI's.  I know personally, I had no idea that if left untreated, chlamydia can cause PID and possible infertility.  It is pretty terrifying that something that often has no symptoms can be so detrimental to your health.  My nervousness about getting tested has now dissipated after this lecture and I will be going very soon. 

Also, is anyone else eager to witness professor Stone blow up a condom over her head?  I know I am!

Bobcat Bumps & Other STI's

I have to admit that yesterday's class was one of the most informational classes we've had this semester (in my opinion) - outside of the panels we have. I feel like I learned a lot about STI's. I knew quite a bit coming into this class regarding STI's - but what I didn't realize is how much I didn't know. 
For instance the occurrence rates of some of the different STI's, the rumor of "bobcat bumps," and the difference - or lack thereof - between the different types of condoms. 

I do have to admit I was a little shocked that some of our classmates disclosed their sexual health to the class. It makes me very hesitant to ever go to the student health center as it seems like they have no idea what is going on. Those classmates are much more brave than I would be if those things afflicted me. 


The lecture on STIs was very interesting. I think that we really need to educate young people and not teach abstinence only. I think that it is great that they offer testing and that is something that people should do if they are planning to have sex. Though, a lot of STIs are treatable, I think that we should put others before ourselves and I do find it selfish when people know they have an STI and they do not disclose that information but continue to have sex with multiple partners. I also think that we do not need to assume things about the person who has an STI because there are many ways it could have happened. This discussion reminded me of the first day when we talked about if STIs were gross or not. It is important that we do not view the person as gross because they are not.

Monday, March 21, 2016


The information we learned today about STI's was shocking. I'm still really confused about where they actually come from? How do they even get in somebody's system before they are passed to one another? It was a very interesting discussion thats for sure. I really enjoy our lectures though because I always learn something new and always end up laughing at something our teacher says. I can't believe this semester is almost over! Time flies...

Sunday, March 13, 2016


I had mixed feelings about the panel that spoke with us on Monday.  Although I respected all of their life choices, I felt as though I would have gained more from the experience had the majority of the panel been older.  It almost seemed as though they were mocking themselves which made me oddly uncomfortable, especially because there were two experienced married women on the panel next to them.  I applaud them all for being so open and honest about their lives though, I know that must have taken a lot courage to do.  When Marical discussed the verbal and physical abuse she had experienced on multiple occasions, my heart felt heavy for her.  I could tell she was a genuine, kind, selfless, woman after only an hour and twenty could others be so cruel to her for being her self and loving her partner?  I hope that all of the panelists are able to one day, without fear, be their true authentic selves.

Saturday, March 12, 2016


I really enjoyed the panel that came in on Monday. I do agree a little bit with what we discussed on Wednesday about wishing some of the panel were a little bit older (just for the experience aspect). I don't necessarily think they were 'immature' like someone wrote on here. I think they gave a lot of insight on each of their sexual orientations, and contributed to some of the facts during the panel. I do wish their could have been more input, but overall I think they did a great job.

Kinda bummed that I forgot to do this blog :( I'm been pretty on top of it when it comes to these, but I these week with preparing to go home, writing a 7 page paper, and taking several midterms it's been tough.
BUT I hope everyone has an amazing spring break!!!


During class the panel that came and spoke to us was very enlightening. I learned a lot about bisexual individuals as well as lesbians. I really loved how the couple worked together on the panel. You could tell that they really cared and respected one another. Also from what they told the class I learned that Austin my not be the safest place to a non heterosexual individual. Apparently Austin is accepting of a certain standard of these individuals and when you don't look the part it can become very dangerous. All in all I liked the panel. I do wish however that we could have seen some older individuals on the panel just because it would have been nice to see how things have changed over time in their lives. But all in all I thought it was a good panel.


I enjoyed the panel this week. I never knew what pansexual meant before the discussion and even after the panel, I was still left with questions about how it differed from being bisexual. I now have a better insight on the difference between the two. I also thought the married couple was absolutely adorable and hilarious lol. Having panels are probably my favorite part about this class! They're so interesting

Friday, March 11, 2016

Another week, Another blog

Class has been quite eventful this week. I loved the panel especially seeing people be open about their lives and struggles. It was very eye opening and overall just genuine. Im also glad we talked about pregnancy and abortion especially considering recent events that are happening nation wide. It was a little shocking that some people did not know that illegal abortions are still occuring. One would think that these are a thing of the past but sadly they're not. Im glad we have a very open class to discuss serious issues like these without feeling threatned to express our opinions and educate others on such a sensitive topic.

I have "no chill"

While at work today my co-worker/friend was complaining about something at work, she said "this is sooo gaaayy", our mutual friend that is also homosexual looked up then down real quick as I caught his eye.  I didn't say anything at first but thought what the hell.  I asked her if she thought that using the word gay to express she was frustrated might have offended our friend.  She didn't think so and said I had "no chill".  I know her well and know she didn't mean to actually make our friend feel uncomfortable. I asked him later what he thought about it and he said that he doesn't say anything usually because it is such a common thing.  He said that it makes him feel isolated and decides not to join in on the conversation.  I don't know maybe I over stepped my bounds he didn't seem really upset. I felt kinda like the outsider for approaching them both.  Hopefully my friend might think more about using the word or at least be aware of the issue.   


I wanted to speak about the panel because I haven't gotten the chance to. I really enjoyed the panel, this one was my first since I missed the last one so it was a new interesting way to learn. I found it cool that we all just got to share and gain new perspectives of ideas I had yet to think about. As far as the test today I found the first few questions pretty hard and started to freak out but they got easier as I got through the test and feel like I did good on it. On another note my mom has been a nurse practitioner working for an ob/gyn and she swears it is impossible to not realize when you are pregnant. Shes always told me there's many signs of when you are pregnant and should be able to realize it either on your own, or with the help of your provider. Just thought i'd also introduce that since we went over the chapter on conceiving children. Enjoy your spring break!

blog 3/11

I really liked the online test a lot better than the paper test. I think I have testing anxiety because I thought I was going to do way better on the last test and didn't!  I have to admit I am starting to worry about the 50 point list we have to complete. Its a little intimidating to complete enough of those to get 50 points. I am not against anyone expressing their sexuality in any type of safe way however I am typically a very modest and private person. Its not just the things on the list but I think writing about them will be hard. I do think it is good for us to learn more about our own sexuality though. It will be a challenge but I hope to learn more about myself through the process

This week

Unfortunately, I missed the panel and from the other blogs it was pretty awesome. I was surprised to find that the panelists thought Austin was less accepting of the homosexual community since Austin is very diverse. I was also surprised that there were was so much reproductive technology now. I only knew about artificial insemination and in vitro. What I found most interesting about lecture on Thursday was the discussion about elective abortion and miscarriages. I  asked the question about still birth and I was shocked to hear that despite the baby dying, a woman still had to go through the motions of carrying it until delivery. I find that extremely depressing and psychologically damaging.


the test format was interesting for this exam. i'm not exactly sure that i liked the test being online. i actually almost would've rathered to take the test in class on wednesday and just get it out of the way.
the panel was also interesting this week. I enjoyed the first panel a little more than this last one. i felt that this panel was super informative, but the panelists were mostly young and it would have been interesting to hear from someone who was a little older and had a little more experience. also a little more diversity would have been interesting too. even still, i really loved having the couple on the panel. i'm a hopeless romantic and i loved hearing their story of how they met and they had a friendship before they even started dating. and they said they had a big mexican gay wedding, but that some important family members did not attend the wedding or partake in the traditional roles of the wedding. I can't even image my mom or dad not being at my wedding for any reason especially by choice.

Blog blog blog

This week was very interesting. I LOVED the lesbian couple from the panel this week. I felt like they were at a good age where they could fully explain their company my out process and how life as a lesbian couple is for them, and also their lives as newlyweds. They had very good stories and gave great insight to the life they live. I enjoyed hearing their perspective about gays in Austin because I honestly thought that Austin would be a more accepting community, so to hear that they felt more comfortable in San Antonio was very interesting. I also liked taking the test online, I would definitely be down to do that again!!! Haha.

Have a good spring break everyone!

~ PEACE & BLESSINGS ~ (in my Tracy voice)

P.S. This is Tracy:


I found in interesting in class when learning that some people had never heard of illegal abortions. Previously I thought that was common knowledge so it was intrigued watching people hear about it for the first time. One of the reasons abortion being legal is so important is so that women can have the procedure in a safe environment. I had no idea some people didn't realize they occur whether it is legal or not. I'm really glad professor Stone did not glaze over this controversial issue and talked about it fully. It is an important thing to learn especially in a sexual lifespan class.
Hello Friends,

This week has been so crazy for me and I'm sure it has for you all as well.

Reflecting back on class this, I am mainly thinking of the exam and the panel. I learned a lot from them and I always enjoy the panels. It's nice to hear things from others perspectives.

Was is just me or what the freshmen girl a little naive? I am heterosexual and don't know the coming out process. What do y'all think?

Happy Spring Break!!

Thoughts on the panel

Really enjoyed the panel this week! I loved the perspective of the married couple! I thought it was so interesting how many people assume "oh your a lesbian I bet you just love Austin" when really they felt more comfortable in SA. I wouldn't have thought of that but it really makes sense; all part of cultural competence I guess. I didn't really realize until we spoke about it in class that besides the marries couple they where all freshman. I would have liked a perspective of someone older but I know these panels are hard to pull off and I really like them.


This week was great!! Really enjoyed the panel but would of enjoyed an older range of individuals but I understand that it is hard to find people at a short notice. The married couple were my favorite. They were so cute. Test was okay. Thought it was kinda hard but I felt let presser taking it at home at my own time!! Let's do it more often. Yay (:

Blog number.. ?, I lost count.

This weeks panel was interesting. I enjoyed having the perspective of different people, although I do agree with my classmates, I had hoped for older people. None the less it was interesting, and I learned new things as always! I enjoyed how open they were about their experiences, you get different perspectives. 

On Monday, I was happy to hear that our exam was going to me online, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, with having 3 other exams the same week! But hey we're almost done, last semester for me!!!!

Panel # 2

I really enjoyed the panel this week. I liked how open and carefree Candace was about her experience and how she sort of stopped giving, excuse my language, a damn about what other people thought about her. It made me especially happy to see how great of a relationship she had with Marissa. They were the cutest! I really enjoyed hearing the panelist stories and life experiences because everyone was so different. I was so sad to hear that lulu is afraid of coming out to her parents for the fear that she will actually be hurt. I mean that's just sad that people still have to live in that sort of secrecy even in this day and age. Reading the previous blogs it seems that a lot of people wanted panelist that were older but i was just glad to see that my generation has become more open in the expression of their sexual identity. I am looking forward to the other panel! Also happy spring break everyone! :)  

Panel #2

I thought that Merissa and Candice were such a cute couple! Before the whole panel introduced themselves it was obvious to me that they were in a relationship, and was even happier when they shared they recently got married! I did not get to ask how their wedding was like since they did mention it was a "Mexican wedding". I think it is really cool that their families were totally open to a lesbian hispanic traditional marriage. I recall Merissa talking about how it is really hard for a strict Catholic hispanic family to understand LGBT because of culture and religion. It is honestly irritating even as a heterosexual that even my own family does not understand LGBT because of my Catholic hispanic culture. However, I totally feel for Merissa she is a strong woman and should keep having her head held high and just be herself and not care what anybody thinks and just stay happy:)
The rest of the panel was really young which I liked because I got to know their coming out stories. I love that they are feeling comfortable because it takes a lot of courage to talk to a class of over 60 people about your sexual orientation. So much respect for everybody and I hope for the best  :)