Tuesday, March 22, 2016

baby X

I read the story of baby X on the way out of town yesterday, and I was quite surprised at the way parents acted. I tried to put myself in their shoes and I realized my son already loves to do things that aren’t “boyish”. He loves to cook, clean, put glitter on things, and help pick out what I should wear. I never once looked at how he acts, and thought he should act more like a boy. He does enough “boy” things like fighting, digging in the dirt with friends, playing with his millions of Legos, and being plain dirty. He is 7 and if he came to me and wanted to dress like a princess that day instead of iron man (he dresses in his old costumes every day after school) then I would let him. It’s his life and he can choose what and who he wants to be. My wife didn’t always agree until she realized that he does do those “girly” activates already. We as adults have to remember they are children and see color, not black and white like we seem to now.

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