Thursday, March 3, 2016

blog 6

the imagery exercise where we closed our eyes was actually very eye-opening. at first i was a little confused about the experience i was supposed to image but as the story went on it became more clear. it also became more evident just how much presence heterosexual ideals have in our every day life and the pressure it could put on a person. it is something that you don't realize if you are heterosexual because you feel normal and you don't feel pressure to conform because thats who you are. it was a kind of stressful and unsettling feeling to be so out of place when following the story.
Also, the discussion of bisexuality was interesting. i had a friend in high school who had a girlfriend,  he was known in school as being bisexual, but only his really close friends knew that he actually considered himself to be gay and that his "girlfriend" was just his best friend who helped him to maintain the image that he was attracted to girls. this continued until just after our graduation from high school. after high school he got to the stage of pride, then he began his transition to be a female, but thats a whole other topic. I still keep up with her now and i'm just glad that she finally is her true self.

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