Wednesday, March 9, 2016

blog 7.... I think?

The panel that we had this week was amazing! For starters I'm obsessed with Marissa and Candace, could they be any cuter #lifegoals. It made me so sad when everyone on the panel shared stories about how they felt like their families and their religion was not accepting of who they are. Three of my best friends are gay men. Two of them are transgender and I remember going to a church event in high school and the topic of homosexuality came up and of course I was in full support of it. I immediately was atacked and told that my views were wrong and the things that I was saying we're going against the church. To this day I don't get it. Isn't being judgmental going against the church? Isn't belittling people going against the church? Last I heard we were all created equal? It makes me so sad that the church that I love and the people I love cannot coincide peacefully. Love is love and we are all EQUALLY entitled to it. 

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