Friday, March 11, 2016

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I was thinking this week was going to be very stressful (thinking we still had the test in class on wednesday) so I went into this week anxious and overwhelmed! But obviously that changed, and it rocked, and I enjoyed the panel on monday. However, some of the younger people on the panel were confusing to me. It is hard for me to see their perspectives and understand them when they have not been secure in their sexual orientation for very long. I felt extremely sad for the girl on the far right (forgot her name) because of her family issues and the treatment she has received from them in the past. It breaks my heart to see people have to go through that with their families - the ones that are supposed to be the biggest support system we have and love us no matter what. I am strong in my Christian faith and just don't understand why society has to be so cruel to people that are different than themselves or their "group". It makes no sense to me why we have to treat others that way, no matter their sexual orientation or any characteristic about them, because we are all each different and unique from everyone else as well!!! It is not our job to judge anyone. I went on a rant there but that just blows my mind. I hate how that girl has to feel that way towards her family, it's so unfair.

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