Thursday, March 3, 2016

blog...# i lost count.

The imagery scenario we had in class had me thinking. A lot of feelings i cant even describe. Just wow, that was a perfect way to explain to some one who doesn't understand, or doesn't want to understand. Homosexuality is always a hot topic. Growing up I was exposed to gay couples, but not so much lesbian couples. However, that doesn't mean I grew up with it as a positive thing. Like I mentioned i grew up around homosexual couples, however my parents saw it as a negative thing. They knew it was around, they were okay with it, it had nothing to do with them, that doesn't mean they accepted it. Jokes were always made, which made me feel uncomfortable. I have always speak up about it, which people always had the same respond, "oh, did i offend you? are you one of them?" Which of course would make me even more upset. Sometimes i would say yes just to see their reaction. Out of my whole family i'm the one who is more open minded about it. To me since i can remember its always been normal to me, yes my parents didn't accept it but they never told me oh that is wrong, they would just say "well we don't agree with it, each their own" To this day, not much has changed to be honest, but i like to think they have warmed up to the idea. Or at least they don't say anything in front of me because i always have something to say about it.

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