Monday, March 28, 2016

blog number ?

I just realized that this blog never posted but better late than never! 
Writing my sexual autobiography was really difficult for me and I'm not really sure why. I actually cried while writing it. I guess thinking about everything made me very emotional. I didn't have a great first experience so I guess having to remember all of the emotions that went into that were hard to think about. I wonder if other people in the class also had a hard time writing the paper. It was also really hard to think about how those experiences have affected me still today. It made me feel like there was something wrong with me and like my sex life was not normal but I guess everyone's normal is different and it's not fair to judge myself on that. I also found our conversation about orgasm very interesting.  I found the words that we were using to describe the physical changes that happen during sex sounded awful. sweating, blood rushing, turning red, body parts swelling, all of that sounds so awful when you talk about it but it's the best thing ever so I find that so interesting. 

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