Thursday, March 10, 2016

Blog #?? Panel

Overall the panel was cool.

Marissa and Candace were my fav. They were cute, interesting, and entertaining.

I wish I would have heard more from the bisexual male just about his experiences with females also if he had any.

I didn't really understand the pan-sexual girl's whole sexual preference, but we discussed it last class and Prof. Stone helped me gain some more understanding for sure. However, me not understanding didn't make me judge her in any way and I was even ok with the fact that maybe it's not for me to understand, but still glad I got some clarification.

I felt really sorry for the bisexual girl because of her strict parents, and her being scared to ultimately be her true self around them. That is something I would never want to endure.

The panel really helped with giving me insight on how it feels to not be heterosexual. I know that this is a cruel world and to hear some of the stories definitely proved that. I empathize with them.

Also! I am soooo glad we didn't have to take the test on Wednesday, I def was not going to be prepared, but I'm nervous about the difficulty of the online test. I think I'm going to take it tomorrow morning.

Good luck everyone!

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