Saturday, March 26, 2016


UGH. This is the second time I've forgotten to blog :( this week back was hectic!
Anyway, I really liked this week's lecture, I honestly wasn't surprised by some of the percentages and stats for all the different sexually transmitted diseases. It's just another friendly reminder to always take precautions in terms of sexual partners. You really never know, and it doesn't help that in majority of cases there are no symptoms...
I'm kinda nervous to turn in this sexual autobiography. I'm not worried necessarily about the content, because I don't mind sharing that, but guess I think it's strange because I've never actually written anything down like that and it's just weird to read it. It's always just been thoughts, or kinda verbalized but and for me to actually read it on paper is...i don't know, strange haha.
It's not a bad thing, though; I think it's a good opportunity to try writing about something and actually analyze that part of ourselves that we may of otherwise ignored.

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