Friday, March 11, 2016


the test format was interesting for this exam. i'm not exactly sure that i liked the test being online. i actually almost would've rathered to take the test in class on wednesday and just get it out of the way.
the panel was also interesting this week. I enjoyed the first panel a little more than this last one. i felt that this panel was super informative, but the panelists were mostly young and it would have been interesting to hear from someone who was a little older and had a little more experience. also a little more diversity would have been interesting too. even still, i really loved having the couple on the panel. i'm a hopeless romantic and i loved hearing their story of how they met and they had a friendship before they even started dating. and they said they had a big mexican gay wedding, but that some important family members did not attend the wedding or partake in the traditional roles of the wedding. I can't even image my mom or dad not being at my wedding for any reason especially by choice.

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