Friday, March 25, 2016


I really enjoyed class on Wednesday because it was extra funny and fun. I know that our body has a way to respond both physically and psychologically to sexual arousal and orgasm. I think it’s ridiculous for people to use the claim that rape victims “wanted” to be raped because their body responded to the perpetrator in a particular manner. We can’t completely control our body and the fact that they use that as a rebuttal is absolutely disgusting. When someone is being raped how they feel, can and is, completely different to how their body is responding. I think that’s just an evolutionary factor that our body responds in that manner but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s enjoyable.

In terms of writing the autobiography I realized how open I have become in terms of sexual intercourse, sexuality, and in general about my sexual self. While writing the autobiography sometimes it was hard to be completely honest. I haven’t even talked to my closest friends about some of the topics in the essay so it was hard to reveal those things to well a complete stranger (Sorry Mrs. Stone). This essay allowed me to understand myself a little more and allowed me to see where I stand on different issues. It was a nice self-reflective moment.   

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