Friday, March 25, 2016

Class this week

  I found both classes this week to be very interesting. I loved the STD talk, because telling by a lot of classmates faces most people didn't know how prevalent and common most STDs are in today's society, especially specifically within a college town. I also appreciated the clarification on "bobcat bumps" because I was one of those people that had heard about it several times and wasn't quite sure if we had our own STD or just had such a high rate of that specific STD that we gave it a catchy name, sort of like raider rash I suppose. I also loved the activity where we put down the 3 words to describe orgasm, I was kind of surprised on some of the choices of words but I was also surprised at the words that were duplicated so much. Another thing I found enjoyable from this week was the video of the foreign guy fitting the condom over his head, and then was even more tickled to hear how mant times you had done the same yourself, highlight of my week.

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