Wednesday, March 23, 2016

condom challenge FAIL

I tried the condom challgenge and I wish I had videoed the the whole process.

here is the rundown:

So my boyfriend and I went to Walgreens and stood in front the condom section debating which would be best for blowing it up over my head... lubricated? non lubricated? ribbed or not? We ended up deciding on a variety pack of flavored lubricated condoms. My boyfriend thought having a nice scent would make this experience more pleasurable.

We get home and the first (strawberry flavored) condom busts over my head.

Attempt 2- the pineapple one--- BUST

third time is the charm, right? Well, in this case it wasn't. we busted the green apple one too

At this point we are DETERMINED.. it turned into a whole house affair... my boyfriend's roommates came into the living room with their condom stashes trying to help to receive this extra credit (which i later learn isn't actually extra credit)

We busted a few more over my head before going to the XXX shop to find a better variety

The key for me was using a magnum condom, stretching it over my head and airing it up using a BICYCLE PUMP!

needless to say we were all crying laughing, but also very shock at how strong condoms actually are.

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