Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Drowning in Obligation

To be 100% completely honest- getting the syllabus schedule half way through the semester- has stressed me out to no end. I feel like everything was just dumped on me at one time. I don't even know where or how to start- it is almost like a deer in headlights right now. I work two jobs and I am taking my last 18 hours. I noticed that the activities - a lot of them require you to have either health insurance and/or money to complete the activity- not super thrilled about that either. 

On a more interesting note- I found the convo yesterday about communication regarding trying new things sexually- and/or discussing certain expectations about our sex lives to be awesome. When my fiancé and I first started dating our sex life was very active and  adventurous- but over the years it has dwindled down to a rare/special occasion type activity. I feel better equipped about asking for more of how it used to be after that class- because I don't feel as selfish for asking for it. I know life gets busy (especially ours) - but we should still be making time for each other and our needs. 

Well, here is to another week blogged! :) 

-Dixie Duchess 

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