Thursday, March 3, 2016

Eye Opening Experience

The activity we did in class on Wednesday was very eye opening. I am heterosexual and I support homosexuality but it's one thing to support and another thing to fully understand what they go through everyday. The activity was good because it made us think about what it may be like to be in their shoes but in reality we probably will never know. We will probably stop ourselves from assuming a man is buying flowers for a girl but that man has probably already been asked if they were for his girlfriend when picking them out. And someone is probably going to say "aww how sweet he brought his girlfriend flowers" when he arrives at his boyfriends apartment building. So no we won't understand what its like for that man to correct people multiple times in one day because we've never had to and probably never will. So hopefully the activity was eye opening so that we can stop assuming that everyone is straight and we can start acknowledging that the man may be buying flowers for a girl or maybe a guy and both are just fine. I cant wait for the panel on monday, I always feel like I learn better from someone who has actually been through the things we talk about in class. 

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